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An Italian passport can only be issued to applicants already holding Italian citizenship.

Where eligibility to Italian citizenship needs to be ascertained, applicants will have to request an interview by using our dedicated e-FORM, including their personal details, proof of address in WA and a valid phone number. Married ladies need to use their maiden names only.

Before requesting an interview, all applicants are strongly advised to verify their individual eligibility by carefully reading the dedicated FAQs on THIS PAGE.



A passport can be issued to Italian citizens only.

Italian passports cannot be renewed, nor their validity extended.

Application forms are printed on the day of the appointment using the applicant’s details stored on our database.

Prior to booking an appointment through our booking system (one person = one appointment), it is worth noting that a passport is issued in the following cases:

  1. after expiration of current passport;
  2. on valid grounds, up to 6 months before expiration of current passport;
  3. when the current passport has been lost, stolen or damaged;
  4. when a remaining validity of more than 6 months is required;
  5. when the number of blank pages in the current passport is not sufficient.

In case of passports lost or stolen, holders are strongly advised to report the incident with the WA Police as soon as possible, so at the appointment they can bring a copy of the report or its registration number.

Holders will also have to sign a report at the Consulate, which will be forwarded to Italy’s Police.



The validity of a passport is related to the age of the holder on the day of issue:

  1. adults: 10 years;
  2. minors between 3 and 18: 5 years;
  3. minors under 3: 3 years



All applicants are required to bring:

  1. their most recent Italian passport, expired or expiring, or, if the applicant never had one, their current photo ID (other passport, driver’s licence, carta d’identità, WA photo card);
  2. copy or details of Police report, if missing passport was lost or stolen
  3. one passport-size colour photograph, front-facing and recent (not older than 6 months), on a white background and in line with ICAO specifications (size 35×45 mm, neutral expression, eyes open, mouth closed). Photos are not to be cut to size but to be submitted in the whole set, as obtained from the photographer;
  4. a valid consent form, where required (see dedicated section).



Applications requiring parental consent can only be accepted if accompanied or preceded by a parental consent. Once an incomplete application has been perfected, applicants will have to personally resubmit it, after booking a new appointment.

To be valid, a parental consent form, duly dated and signed, must bear a recent date.

  1. A valid consent is expressed in different ways, depending on the nationality and circumstances of the granting parent:
    a) Italian and EU citizens don’t have to attend the appointment and can submit their signed consent form by post, e-mail or at the counter, together with a copy of their valid photo ID with a clearly visible signature. Said consent form must either be presented during the appointment or be received by this Consulate prior to the appointment;
    b) all citizens of non-EU countries need to sign their child’s or other parent’s passport application at the counter, during the appointment. Alternatively, the parent who is unable to visit the Consulate is given the option of signing a consent form in front of an Australian notary public who will need to certify the parent’s signature and place their seal on the form. The notary’s signature on the form will then have to be legalized by the DFAT by means of an apostìlle. Only at that point, and not before, will such consent form be valid and ready to be submitted to the Consulate, either during the appointment or before.
  1.  When a non-EU parent granting consent is in another country, including temporarily, consent needs to be witnessed and e-mailed to us by Italy’s relevant Authority prior to the actual passport appointment as follows:
    a) if in Italy, through the local Questura;
    b) if in a third country, via the relevant Embassy or Consulate of Italy in that country.
  1. When a passport is being issued in Italy or by a different Embassy or Consulate of Italy and the parent granting consent is at any rate in Western Australia, said parent will need to follow the instructions in paragraph 1. The consent form will then be sent by this Consulate via certified e-mail to the relevant Questura or diplomatic mission, as requested.

If one of the parents is deceased, a death certificate will need to be sighted instead.

A missing or incorrect parental consent invalidates the application and requires the applicant to obtain a new appointment.



Since the 14th June 2023 applicants with minor children (under 18s) no longer have to present the parental consent from the other parent(s).



In case of applicants under the age of 18, a valid application needs to be lodged and signed by both parents at the counter. If one of the parents is unable to attend, he/she will have to produce a valid consent form, only as described in the dedicated section above.

If the child was not born in Italy and the birth was not registered in Italy, before applying for a passport the child’s parents must provide us with the child’s original full birth certificate, issued by the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages, legalized by means of an apostìlle and translated into Italian by a qualified translator (click HERE for a reference list and find more details in the section VITAL RECORDS). With very few exceptions, a passport for minors is normally issued on the same day a birth certificate is lodged for registration, if correct and complete. Exceptions are related to possible objections prompted by the name and/or surnames chosen by the parents.

For registration in Italy of children born overseas, please refer to the website of the relevant Consulate of Italy as per child’s birthplace.

If the applicant under 18 is a dual citizen, a copy of an Australian (or other) passport also needs to be produced.

For mandatory collection of biometrics, all applicants over the age of 12 must attend the appointment.

For identification purposes, all children under 12 and not holding any (other) passport must attend the appointment.



Italian citizens under 14 intending to travel overseas on an Italian passport without at least one of their parents are first required to obtain a letter of consent from this Consulate, which will authorize the minor to travel in the care of a third person, institution or air carrier personnel.

A letter of consent needs to be requested by the child’s parents with our e-FORM, attaching the application form and a copy of their Italian passports or other valid photo ID.



Applicants who are AIRE-registered through this Consulate normally receive a passport on the day of their appointment. Those who are not AIRE-registered will have to wait until we receive the mandatory clearance from the Police in Italy or the Embassy/Consulate where they are registered (this may take up to 30 days). All Italian citizens residing or intending to reside out of Italy for more than 12 months must enrol with AIRE. To avoid any delays, before requesting a passport all applicants are strongly advised to verify that their official home address with us is current and that all the events in their family have been registered in Italy (marriage, births, divorce, etc.).



Passport fees are only payable in AUD cash or debit card, strictly on the day of the appointment. Exact amounts are available from HERE.