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Codice Fiscale, PIN code and SPID credentials

Being an Italian citizen is not a precondition for receiving Italy’s codice fiscale (tax identification number).

To request your own, just send an emial to and attach a scan of your photo ID and evidence of current home address (dated within 3 months).

All complying applications are typically processed within 5 working days. Applicants will receive their codice fiscale only by e-mail, at the address they have indicated in the form.

No plastic card will be dispatched.


Tax PIN code

The PIN code of the Agenzia delle Entrate a personal number to access one’s own tax account, as well as Fisconline and Entratel, in order to use the online services of Agenzia delle Entrate.

The tax PIN code is made of 2 parts: the first part and the initial password to access “Fisconline” can be requested only after registering with Agenzia delle Entrate.

After verifying one’s home address with AIRE, users need to request a validation of their application by sending us an email, attaching a copy of the application with related number (screenshots are accepted) and copy of a valid photo ID.

When the application is validated and the applicant is AIRE-registered, the Consulate will reply by email with the first 4 digits of the code, the password for first online access and the instructions on how to obtain the second part of the code. Applicants who are not AIRE-registered will need to obtain the second part of the code by personally visiting the Consulate, producing a valid photo ID.


SPID (public digital identity system)

SPID is a new system through which Italian citizens, simply using their own username and password, can access all online services offered by Italy’s public administration as well as by adhering private entities.

SPID may be activated for free or for a fee by clicking HERE, including via webcam. Once obtained, the use of SPID is free for private individuals.

SPID credentials may also be obtained by Italians permanently living abroad by providing the tessera sanitaria (or codice fiscale card) and a valid Photo ID issued by Italian Authorities. When a codice fiscale is not available, it can be obtained from the relevant Consulate (see above).

Click HERE for the SPID FAQ page.


As of 31st December 2025 SPID will be the only way to access any online services offered by Italy’s Public Administration.

No Consulate is entitled to issue SPID credentials.