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Cittadinanza per discendenza


Descendants of Italian citizens born in Australia or other other countries and residing in Western Australia  may apply for recognition of Italian Citizenship at the Consulate  of Italy in Perth. For more information you may send an email to

STEP 1: Checking of the eligibility for the Italian Citizenship;
STEP 2:  Booking an Appointment;
STEP 3: Lodging the application and the documents at the Consulate and Fees;
STEP 4: The second appointment at the Consulate;
STEP 5: Recognition of Italian  citizenship by descent (successful applicants);
STEP 1: The Simulator of Eligibility for Italian citizenship by descent

The Consulate of Italy in Perth has published a new useful guide to help to determine the potential eligibility of applicants to Italian citizenship “jure sanguinis”, that is, by descent.  However, please note that the outcome of this guide is in NOT a guarantee of recognition of the Italian citizenship.

STEP 2: Booking an appointment

Application can only lodged by booking an appointment through the following  Booking Web Portal  and bringing  the relevant documentation on the day of the appointment. Married ladies are requested to use their maiden names only.

STEP 3: Lodging an application at the Consulate and Fees

An interview may last up to 45 minutes and all applicants must personally attend. Except in the case of twins applying jointly, all interviews are strictly individual: one person per interview. Applicants whose siblings previously applied with this Consulate – whether successfully or not – are exempt from producing documents related to their parents/ancestors only when said documents are already on file at this Consulate.

Fees: Each application for citizenship by descent (regardless of its outcome) is subject to a 300 Euro non-refundable fee, to be paid in AUD equivalent at the beginning of the first interview, either in cash or with a debit card. Any follow-up appointments do not attract further fees. In case of multiple applications (i.e. family members claiming citizenship from the same Italian ascendant), each applicant over 18 is required to pay a fee.  As of 8 July 2014, all applications for Italian citizenship by descent attract a non-refundable fee to be paid in AUD only, either in cash or by debit card, at the very beginning of the first interview and regardless of its outcome. The current amount to be paid is available from HERE.

 List of documents to be lodged  at the appointment 

1) Documents regarding the Italian ancestors

  • Extract of the birth certificate

“Estratto dell’atto di Nascita” of the Italian ancestors who emigrated abroad, issued by the Italian municipality of birth. You may  request the certificate directly from the Italian municipality of birth.
Please Note: make sure you ask for an “Estratto dell’atto di nascita” and not a “Certificato di nascita”.

  • Document showing that the Italian ancestor never acquired Australian citizenship

This document is issued by the Department of Home Affairs (original of the Australian visa or Certificate of Evidence of Resident Status (CERS) if issued after 16 August 1992 or Statment of acquisition of Australian citizenship)

Please Note: in case of married women, the certificate must show both surnames (maiden and married surname).


  • The original Australian Citizenship certificate

To be submitted in case the ancestor became an Australian citizen. This certificate must show at least these essential information: first name, last name, date of birth, and date of acquisition of Australian citizenship (date when the oath was taken), and needs to be translated into Italian.
If both parents were born in Italy, documentation of both parents’ Australian citizenship must be submitted to allow for updates with the municipality of origin.

  • Marriage and death certificates of the Italian ancestor and all direct descendants.


2) Documents regarding the applicant:

  • Application for recognition (appointment needed)
  • Birth Certificate:

 Please note: Information about the parents MUST FULLY CORRESPOND to details of Italian birth certificate:

– If you are married: your marriage certificate;

– If you have children under 18 of age: their birth certificates;

– If you are divorced: certificate of divorce issued by the Federal Magistrates Court.

  • Australian passport

Please note: all Australian birth, marriage and the certificates, as well as all other foreign language documents relating to Italian ancestors and descendants, must be apostilled and translated into Italian. Certificates and documents must be carefully checked in odert to detect errors or discrepancies in names, last names, dates and places of birth.


STEP 4:  The Second Appointment at the Consulate

Except in very marginal cases, where the result is notified by e-mail only, applicants are normally informed of the outcome at the end of the interview. All successful applicants are provided with a tailor-made list of documents to be submitted at a second appointment, to be requested by e-mailing

STEP 5: Recognition of Italian  citizenship by descent

Once all documents have been submitted as requested in the Step 4, successful applicants are ultimately recognised as Italian citizens and may request a passport starting from a date to be notified. Passport appointments can only be booked from HERE.

More details about passports from HERE.

For more information you may visit the website of Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale.