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Italian cheese – Authenic matters

Cheese has a long and illustrious history in Italy, and is considered a national treasure, so loved for the varieties and uses it provides. The list of Italian cheeses is endless, but in common they all have a history and artisan quality that makes them special in their own right.

Silvia Colloca, much loved Cook, TV Presenter and author, whose love and passion for Italy is widely known, has partnered with the Italian Trade Agency and the Dairy Industry Association Assolatte, to share some easy and delicious recipes featuring some of our favourite Italian cheese varieties, that are all available here in Australia. These recipes can be found on the Madeinitalycheese website, as well as in the September issue of Delicious Magazine.

Silvia shared, “I am Italian born and bred, and am proud of my heritage and the history behind the amazing produce that Italy exports. If you are looking for a taste of true Italia, start with authentic Italian cheese, because there are centuries of Artisan expertise in every piece.”

Silvia’s recipes include:
• Pasta Al Forno with eggplant & Provolone
• Risotto with red wine, Grana Padano, Taleggio & radicchio
• Fresh egg spaghetti with Parmigiano, Mascarpone & lemon.
The Madeinitalycheese website includes more recipes featuring authentic Italian cheese, all packaged up in a gorgeous free downloadable ebook, some history on Asiago, Gorgonzola, Grana Padano, Mascarpone, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano and Provolone, as well as tips and tricks for storing and serving these amazing cheeses.

There are about 500 varieties of cheese in Italy and over 50 are recognised as having protected origin D.O.P (PDO) by the EU legislation. The certification guarantees the authenticity of the cheese, according to its geographical area traditions and production techniques. In Australia we are lucky enough to be able to access many of these wonderful cheese varieties, lovingly made in Italy, and available in Australia to enjoy on their own, or in your favourite recipes.

In the free e-book available on the website, we want to share some recipes from Silvia Colloca and our culinary team, that will inspire you to cook for your family with the love and authenticity, that only cooking with the Italian originals can guarantee.
For these recipes we picked Taleggio, Pecorino Romano, Grana Padano, Provolone, Mascarpone, Asiago, Gorgonzola, and the much loved and recognised Parmigiano Reggiano, as these Italian cheese families have some of the biggest success stories in the Australian export market. Cucina con Amore!