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validità/validity: 01.01.2024-31.03.2024 Rate 1.6575
art. EUR AUD
Altri atti di stato civile (ad es. la situazione di famiglia) / Other certificates (eg., family situation) 8 11.00 18.30
Passaporto mortuario / Mortuary passport 66h 41.00 68.00
Pubblicazioni di matrimonio (2 documenti) / Marriage banns (2 documents) [art.3+NAA+art.2b] vari 28.00 46.60
Autentica di firma del richiedente la cittadinanza / Notarization of signature on citizenship application 24 14.00 23.30
Certificato di cittadinanza / Citizenship certificate 4a 11.00 18.30
Diritti per trattazione istanza riconoscimento cittadinanza italiana per discendenza / Handling fee for application for recognition of citizenship by descent 7b 300.00 497.30
Rinuncia alla cittadinanza / Relinquishment of citizenship 4b 41.00 68.00
Atto rinuncia eredità / Renunciation of inheritance 26 28.00 46.50
Autentica di firma (a foglio) / Notarization of signature (per page) 26 28.00 46.50
Autentica di firma su scrittura privata a contenuto non patrimoniale / Notarization of signature on non-financial documents 24 14.00 23.30
Autentica di fotografia / Legalization of photograph 66b 41.00 68.00
Autentica firma su atto notorio / Marriage affidavit 24 14.00 23.30
Convenzioni matrimoniali / Matrimonial property agreement 11g 110.00 182.40
Copia autentica di atto notarile / Notarized copy of a power of attorney 25 16.00 26.60
Dichiarazione giurata / Sworn statement 26 28.00 46.50
Procura generale (per ogni copia aggiuntiva v. art.25) / Standing power of attorney (for additional copies see art. 25) 17a 80.00 132.60
Procura o mandato speciale, con o senza rappresentanza / Power of attorney 18a 56.00 92.90
Provvedimento Autorità consolare in esercizio poteri giudice tutelare / Order by consular Authority while acting as judge supervising a guardianship 31b 11.00 18.30
Revoca di procura generale / Revocation of general power of attorney 17c 80.00 132.60
ETD – Emergency Travel Document N13a 1.55 2.60
Passaporto (libretto nd+tassa 27a) / Passport vari 116.00 192.40
Convalida della patente / Validation of Italian driving licence (NAA+66d) vari 57.00 94.60
Traduzione in italiano di patente di guida australiana (a pagina) / Italian translation of an Australian driving licence (per page) 70a 20.00 33.20
Traduzione in inglese di patente di guida italiana (a pagina) / English translation of an Italian driving licence (per page) 70b 33.00 54.70
Visto “C” Schengen / Schengen visa (up to 90 days) 29 80.00 132.60
Visto “D” nazionale / Long term visa 29 116.00 192.30
Visto per studio / Study visa 29d 50.00 82.90
Copia conforme all’originale / True copy 73 1.00 1.70
Dichiarazione di traduzione inglese conforme all’originale italiano (a foglio) / Certification of true English translation of an Italian original, per page 72c 20.00 33.20
Dichiarazione di traduzione italiana conforme all’originale inglese o in altre lingue conosciute (a foglio) / Certification of true Italian translation of an English original (or in other known languages), per page 72a 13.00 21.60
Dichiarazione di valore in loco / Validation of WA credentials 66n 41.00 68.00
Diritti d’urgenza / Priority handling fee (vedi sotto/see below)* 74 50.00 82.90
Imposta di bollo NAA (su decreti e istanze) nd 16.00 26.60
Rilascio certificati IMO (€ 1.70+NAB €16) nd 17.70 29.40



  CIE / ELECTRONIC IDENTITY CARD   – First issue / renewal                                      28c    21.95     36.40
  CIE / ELECTRONIC IDENTITY CARD  –   copy                                                                  28d   27.11      45.00
*In cases of proven need, which will in any case be examined by the Consulate, any Italian citizen can request consular services with an urgent procedure, obtaining an extraordinary appointment with respect to the first slot available.
For these requests, the applicant will have to pay, in addition to the tariff foreseen for the service, the emergency fee.
The urgency must be justified by:
– serious family or health reasons, certified by competent public or private structures or authorities;
– urgent need for work, proven by a reasoned request signed by the person holding managerial positions (complete with the name, role and telephone number of the signatory) and drawn up on the employer’s letterhead and by the presentation of the flight reservation or other title of travel;
– application for visas to stay in Australia, proven by letter from immigration agents.
Please note that – apart from exceptional cases – the benefits of the emergency procedure cannot in any way be extended to the applicant’s family members.
If the applicant is not registered with AIRE, for the issuance of the passport the Consulate will still have to acquire the authorization/delegation from the competent Police office in Italy. In the absence of this, the passport cannot be issued even in emergencies.