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Futura. Italian Music Around the World.



Futura. Italian Music Around the World.

"Futura" is the new project created to support online the Italian music scene abroad despite the strange times we are living in. The project is the result of the collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) and Italia Music Lab foundation. It is a rich video-music archive that covers a wide range of music genres, sounds and shades of the contemporary Italian music scene: it’s the proof that the Italian music scene is more vivid and buzzing than ever, able to broaden its horizons and experiment like it never happened before.

“Futura” contains the video performances by the Italian artists who over the last two years have played during the digital editions of many showcase festivals around the world: M¥SS KETA at Eurosonic (Netherlands), Joan Thiele at The Great Escape (UK), Melancholia and ELASI at Lucfest (Taiwan), Ginevra Nervi and Emmanuelle at Primavera Pro (Spain), Kharfi at IMX (China) and many more.

Italia Music Export, the office created to support Italian music abroad - launched by SIAE in 2017 and now part of Italia Music Lab foundation - and the Ministry’s support covered the expenses for the recording of the concerts and the "digital stages'' in each festival. The goal was to allow Italian artists to perform in relevant international showcase festivals during the entire pandemic period, and thus to promote their music abroad even without the possibility of travelling.

Thanks to the project "Futura", wanted and promoted by MAECI, all these performances now make up a music archive available exclusively on italiana (, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website created to promote the Italian language, culture and creativity around the world. The video concerts will also be promoted by the diplomatic-consular network of the Ministry and the 82 Italian Cultural Institutes, with the aim to increase even more their reach.

In such difficult times, during which the consequences of the pandemic continue to affect everyone, and especially the music industry, initiatives such as "Futura" show that the music world does not intend to stop. "Futura" is also proof that contemporary Italian music is more active than ever and wants to be heard all over the world.

Starting from January 2022, every month a new Italian video-concert will be uploaded on the italiana platform. The first video concerts available are: Joan Thiele, Lucifour M, New Candys and Qlowski at The Great Escape 2021, the renowned English festival that every year attracts fans and professionals from all over the world.