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How to obtain a certificate


How to obtain a certificate

All registry certificates (residence, birth, free to marry, marriage, divorce, death) need to be requested (including by e-mail) not from this or other Consulates of Italy, but only from Italy’s local Council of AIRE registration or where the event took place or, for events occurred out of Italy, where the original certificate was registered. By way of example, if a person was born in Brazil, is now living in Perth and whose birth certificate was registered in Bologna, that person’s birth certificate can only be obtained by the applicants (not the Consulate) from Bologna’s local Council (Comune) by simply visiting their website.

Alternatively, it is worth noting that from 15th November 2021 most certificates issued by Italy's local Councils (like birth, marriage and residence) can be obtained online, for free and in few simple steps by just visiting

Access can only be made using:

a) CIE (electronic ID card), or

b) SPID or

c) CNS.

From 31st December 2022, all the websites of Italy's public administration will be accessible only by SPID. All Italian citizens are thus encouraged to acquire their SPID credentials. More details on