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Marriage in Italy


Marriage in Italy


Italian citizens AIRE-registered through this Consulate and wishing to get married in Italy must request a marriage banns publication (pubblicazioni di matrimonio) and book an appointment by clicking HERE. The bride and groom will have to attend the appointment in person and bring along:

  1. the banns application form;
  2. the reservation at the Town Hall or church in Italy where the wedding will take place;
  3. the “Result of Marriage Search” certificates for the bride and for the groom (issued by the WA Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages);
  4. for non-Italian citizens only, an original full birth certificate, recent and consistent with the passport (no need of translation or apostìlle);
  5. for divorced parties, a copy of the divorce order.

A banns certificate is valid for 6 months. We suggest applicants to request it 2-3 months before the wedding day.

Applicants who are residents of Italy or AIRE-registered through another Consulate must request their marriage banns from the relevant Municipality or Consulate.



Australian and US citizens residing in WA and intending to get married in Italy need to book an appointment with us to obtain a document called atto notorio. The bride- and the groom-to-be will have to attend the appointment, together with:

  1. four witnesses (not related to either party and not having the same family name as either party's), each carrying a valid passport or driving licence;
  2. individual valid passport;
  3. original full birth certificate of bride and groom to be, recent and consistent with the passport (Australian citizens only);
  4. if divorced, a plain copy of the divorce order.

Non-Australian applicants are welcome to attend but their presence is not required.

At least two weeks before the appointment, we recommend sending in our e-FORM, attaching the atto notorio application form and valid passport copies of bride and groom-to-be, as well as of the four witnesses.

For further requirements, please contact the Embassy of Australia in Rome. It is advisable to contact the Town Hall or church where the wedding will take place well in advance.

An atto notorio is valid for six months from its date.