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Medical assistance


Medical assistance


The level of local health facilities in WA is high, with qualified personnel in both the public and private sectors. In general, the costs are very high and it is necessary to anticipate any expenses, which are partly reimbursable by the public health system. An agreement between Australia and Italy guarantees access to the Australian health service for a period of 6 months to all Italian citizens who have a visa to stay in Australia on a temporary basis, without paying any expenses in the event of hospital admissions. Specialist and general practitioner visits are to be paid; the ambulance service is excluded from coverage. To access the Australian health service, you must prove that you are resident in Italy and are registered with the Italian health service, showing your passport and the Italian national health card at the Medicare counters (comparable to our ASL; The right to half-yearly coverage starts again from a second possible re-entry into the Australian territory.

If you intend to reside in Australia for a period of more than six months, you must subscribe a private insurance to avoid incurring the very high costs of hospitalization (for more information visit the web page:

For information on social and health care services in Western Australia, refer to the websites of the Department for Personal Services and the Department of Health (; If you do not speak English correctly, you can ask to talk to an Italian-speaking operator. In the main hospitals in Perth there is a free service of social workers specialized in speaking with foreign patients.


Pursuant to the Ministerial Decree of 1 February 1996, citizens with emigrant status and holders of pensions paid by Italian social security institutions, who temporarily return to Italy, are granted, free of charge, urgent hospital services for a maximum period of 90 days for each calendar year, in case they do not have any public or private insurance coverage for the aforementioned health services. To this end, the interested parties must sign a substitutive declaration of notoriety deed at the competent ASL in which they declare, in addition to their emigrant status (i.e. either birth in Italy and then emigration abroad or birth abroad, transfer to Italy and then emigration abroad), who do not have public or private health insurance coverage. This possibility is not foreseen for Italian citizens born and residing abroad and who have never lived in Italy.

Highly specialized care abroad falls under the responsibility of the Italian National Health Service, only for services that are not obtainable in Italy promptly or in an appropriate form. They must be authorized in advance by the competent ASL.

For more information, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Health, which is responsible for the matter: