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Consular protection


Consular protection


 The consular office can provide a subsidy to any Italian citizen permanently resident in the consular district, or registered with the AIRE and anyone who is in a situation of proven need. The granting of the subsidy is of an absolutely exceptional nature and is compatible with the available funds of the Consulate.

To any Italian citizen temporarily abroad and resident in Italy or in another consular district, who is facing unexpected economic difficulties and who cannot avail him/herself of the help of family members or third persons (for example through companies authorized to transfer cash), a loan can be granted, which the interested party undertakes to return to the Treasury within 90 days. The granting of the loan is subject to verification of the condition of economic difficulty of the citizen and the inability to handle such a situation by the family members as prescribed by the law (art. 433 Civil Code).

In this regard, we inform you that Decree-Law no. 18 (the so-called Cura Italia) has allocated additional funds for the assistance of Italian citizens who, being abroad, are in conditions of poverty or serious need due to the health situation linked to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to obtain financial support, the interested parties must demonstrate:

- the state of indigence or in any case of serious need;
- that this state is not otherwise faceable (not even through, for example, the support of family members).

The Consulate, upon receipt of the application, verifies whether the legal conditions exist for a disbursement in cash, in the form of a loan with a promise of repayment or, in alternative, a subsidy (both are one-off disbursements, i.e. in a single solution).

Those wishing to submit the application are kindly requested to write personally to the e-mail address, briefly explaining their situation and citing the documentation they have to prove the conditions mentioned above.



 According to both Italian and International Law, the Consulate can provide for:

  • assistance to citizens who have had problems with the local legal system or who have been involved in accidents;
  • assistance in the repatriation of the remains of deceased persons (tourists);
  • assistance in locating Italian nationals who have failed to maintain contact with their family in Italy;
  • assistance to parents whose foreign spouse (or a spouse with dual citizenship) has abducted a child and taken him/her to another country.

In case of accidents occurring abroad, the consular authorities make sure that Italian citizens receive adequate medical treatment locally, that relatives in Italy are informed of the accident and that all possible assistance is provided should the persons involved in the accident require to return to Italy.

In case of Italian based nationals arrested in a foreign country, the Consulate can:

  • visit detainees who express their wish to be visited by consular authorities;
  • suggest a suitable lawyer;
  • maintain contact with the family in Italy;
  • make sure that the detainees are provided with proper healthcare, food, books and newspapers, as permitted by local regulations;
  • intervene, where necessary, to support requests for pardon on humanitarian grounds.

The Consulate cannot represent detainees in a court of law and cannot pay the detainees' legal expenses.


In case of domestic/family violence, which can be both physical and psychological, we encourage to read the specific referral guide drafted by the WA Authorities.