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Comites elections


Comites elections

This year there will be elections for the renewal of the Committees for Italians Abroad (Com.It.Es).

The Com.It.Es are representative bodies of the Italian community and work for the integration of the Italian community residing in the foreign country in which they are located. The Com.It.Es. carry out various support activities for their compatriots: they can offer information on finding a home, on the pension system or on how to enrol children in schools; they can also organize seminars, meetings and conferences, language courses, training and professional refresher courses, cultural initiatives to promote Italian culture and exchange, recreational or sporting.

The elections for the renewal of Com.It.Es. will be held by the 3rd December 2021.

Italian citizens over the age of 18 registered with AIRE (register of Italians residing abroad) and living in the WA consular district from a date prior to the 3rd June 2021 will be able to participate in this important electoral appointment. The elections are held by correspondence: the Consulate will send the electoral envelope by post only to the voters who by 3 November have asked the Consulate to be registered in the electoral list for the elections of the Com.It.Es.

Voters who have correctly registered themselves will receive the electoral envelope at the address they have indicated in the form. You are requested to follow the instructions on how to express your vote and promptly send the pre-paid envelope back to the Consulate so that it will arrive by 12am of the 3rd of December.

If by the 19th of November you haven't received the electoral envelope yet, you can contact the Consulate to ask for a duplicate. To this aim please fill in the attached form.

Click here to view the lists of candidates.




You can register in the electoral roll through the Fast It consular services portal, available at this link: The registration service in the electoral roll can be reached by selecting the item "Consular registry and AIRE", and then "Application for registration in the electoral roll for the elections of the COMITES". The procedure on Fast It will be entirely guided and completely digital, guaranteeing speed and safety.

If you do not want to use the Fast-It consular services portal, you can use the form for registration in the electoral list for the elections of Com.It.Es available at the consular desk and at this link.

The paper form must arrive at the Consulate by the 3rd November in one of the following ways:

- by sending it by e-mail to or certified email to always accompanied by a copy of your ID;

- by delivering it in person at the consular counter any day from Monday to Friday between 9am and 12pm (please come with your ID);

- by sending it by ordinary post (P.O. Box 1894, West Perth WA 6872) together with a photocopy of your ID.



Click here to read the text of the law on the Com.It.Es.

For any query about the procedure, please write to

To discover more about the activities of Com.It.Es. worldwide, check out the informative videos on the Youtube channel of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: